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Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of becoming.  ~ Goethe

I knew I wanted to be a teacher after working in the printing lab as a graduate assistant (2001) helping undergraduate students complete their final projects. They looked to me for support, training, advice, and they would always light up upon seeing their finished product. Something that started as an idea was now something they could show off to their friends and add to their professional portfolio. The students were excited they had created a product from start to finish and I was excited that I helped them create it. I am a firm believer in lifelong learning and I LOVE to learn. This website is an online portfolio of my teaching effectiveness and a testimony to my love for my profession.

            Hope was by far one of the best professors I've had the honor of knowing at Clemson University. While she was dedicated to being a great teacher, she was understanding and friendly with students. Having a great relationship with someone who can also teach you valuable knowledge for your career path is a wonderful thing. She truly values the future and well-being of her students, academically and in every other way.


            Mrs. Carroll pushed each and every student in her class to try and achieve more then they thought they could. She encouraged me to learn Flash and now I'm most likely going into a career in motion graphics. Mrs. Carroll's best trait was her ability to communicate with students, and she made sure to listen to everyone's opinions and adjust her class to them. Outside of her classroom she was dedicated to the program and to the students, attending many functions, and helping lead successful organizations such as Gamma Epsilon Tau. The thing that I think drives Mrs. Carroll to do all of these things is that she has a passion for seeing her students succeed.


            Mrs. Carroll was very personable towards her students. She always came to class prepared and often provided demonstrations on software techniques, which helped clarify any technical requirements with lab projects. She provided examples of real-world challenges in the lab to help us work through technical issues on classroom equipment. Her energy made me excited to be in the lab, and be a part of the GAIT program.


My portfolio contains a mix of teaching experience,

              instructional design, research, and personal work.

Instructional Design


 As an instructional designer I worked with faculty and staff from their needs analysis, training on technology tools, and evaluation of online

courses and materials.

Personal Work


 As a teacher of design, graphic communications, and digital photography, I have accumulated a portfolio of departmental and work-related

design projects.

Teaching Experience


Explore student work, see what my teaching philosophy is, and see various examples of teaching effectiveness.

Scholarly Endeavors


 Explore examples of scholarly engagement including publications, presentations, and awards.

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