Instructional Designer

I worked closely with faculty for training on educational technologies needed for online teaching, in addition to training in online pedagogy.  I designed professional development for faculty starting with a needs analysis, training on online tools, and evaluation of online courses. I also supported training for the Social Media Listening Center and provided a diverse offering of training courses both face-to-face and online.


courses taught

Training Course for Online Teaching

I was lead instructor for an eight-week course titled "Developing an Online Distance Learning Course" where faculty met synchronously, online through Adobe Connect once a week. The course initially met once per semester. With the establishment of Clemson Online in 2012, faculty were being asked by their departments to complete the online training course prior to teaching online. This flux of faculty enrollment required a second offering of the course each semester starting in 2013.


The director of Clemson Online, Witt Salley, and I presented at the 2013 Distance Learning Administration (DLA) Conference in Jekyll Island, GA on "Lessons Learned: Fixing a Training Program for Online Faculty".  The presentation discussed how the 8-week online training course for faculty was changing with the establishment of Clemson Online and upcoming policy, including required training prior to teaching online.



Other Classes Taught and One-on-One Training

• Adobe Connect (administrator)

• Adobe Presenter

• Camtasia

• Blackboard Learn (administrator)

• Echo360 Personal Lecture Capture (administrator)

• Echo360 Classroom Lecture Capture

• eBooks with iBooks Author

• Ensemble Media Server (administrator)

• i>Clicker2

• Web>Clicker (lead on pilot program)

• iPads - Setting up and Managing your iPad

• iPads - Apps & Accessories to Enhance Productivity

• Mac and Windows Laptop Workshops

• Online Distance Learning Workshop (lead instructor)

• Social Media in the classroom (classes on Pinterest and Facebook)

• Radian6 - Social Media Listening Center at Clemson





Certificates include participation with the Blackboard Exemplary Course Review program, the CCIT Leadership Summit. Click an image below to open the image gallery.

The photos in this slideshow were taken by me. The slideshow was designed and created in animoto and played during the final presentations at the end of the Leadership Summit. The project for this Summit revolved around the S.T.E.P. Program, a program designed to help CCIT employees get cross-trained through semester-long job shadowing.


See other videos:

1 of ONE Clemson | Fall 2012

Promoting Leadership in CCIT | Spring 2013


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"Listening" with Social Media in the Higher Ed Classroom

Presented on the use of SM in the higher ed classroom and provided an interactive demo on social media listening. Educause Regional Conference, Atlanta, GA, May 2013.


Lessons Learned: Fixing a Training Program for Online Faculty

Presented on how a distance ed workshop had evolved over the course of 5 years and although online ed was growing, faculty participation in training was not. Distance Learning Administration (DLA) Conference,  Jekyll Island, GA, June 2013.


Communication in the Online Classroom

Presented on synchronous and asynchronous methods of communication in the online classroom. National Distance Learning Week, sponsored by CCIT - Learning Technologies, Clemson University, November 2012.



How to Take Better Photos: Control Quality by Controlling the Camera

Presentation given on setting camera functions for quality control and resolution in camera and digital asset management. CCIT - Learning Technologies, Clemson University, November 2012.


Creating an eBook with iBooks Author

Presented on how to use iBooks Author in academia for for presonal projects. CCIT - Learning Technologies, Clemson University, April 2013.